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One Tough Mother – Honoring Tough Mother’s Everywhere! {Giveaway}

No one ever said Motherhood would be easy. If they did they were lying. Mothers are the most fearless and toughest of them all and I can bet you know a special woman in your life that has the distinct honor of being called One Tough Mother! My mother was definitely one tough mother, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone tougher, but I bet many of you would say the same about a strong woman in your life.

BRIO has been helping children explore their imagination through creative play since 1884. Learn more about BRIO & enter to win the creative play giveaway.

Exploring Your Child’s Imagination Through Creative Play Giveaway

Providing the girls with toys which allow their minds to explore and their imaginations run wild through creative play really helps them grow. When I see them working together to create or build a toy set, I know they are also building upon life skills, cooperation, patience and team work. We recently partnered with BRIO to learn more about their line of clean and simple designs toys for ages 6 months and up.

Why Do Russians Hang Rugs on Walls?

Why Do Russians Hang Rugs on Walls?

Russians are weird. Weird in their superstitions – don’t throw out trash when leaving the house because you will throw out all your good fortune – and weird in some of the things they do. I know this first hand because I was born to Russian immigrants. However, I didn’t realize how weird some of the things we did appeared until I was older and would visit the homes of friends from different cultures – or they would visit mine.

Baby Stars snumee Grows with You

Baby Stars snu:mee Lullabies Make Bedtime A Breeze

Every evening when the girls go to sleep we have a special routine – and if I miss a step they are quick to let me know. After they are all tucked into bed with their loveys, I turn on a lullaby – and have to leave my phone in their room until they fall asleep. Which depending on Em’s tiredness can take some time. I don’t mind, I can live without my phone, it’s just that sometimes I forget to put it on airplane mode and a call comes in and stops the music.