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Thank you for joining me and Bloggin' Mamas for the #CareALotChallenge Twitter Party earlier this month. Have you joined the Care A Lot Challenge yet?

Have You Joined The Care A Lot Challenge With The Care Bears Yet?

Thank you for joining me and Bloggin’ Mamas for the Care A Lot Challenge Twitter Party earlier this month. I had so much fun chatting with you all! So many amazing prizes were given away, including several Care Bears Care Packages. We also received our very own Care Bears Care Packages as co-hosts – which I surprised the girls with. Please not that this post contains affiliate links.

Love your car? Enjoy summer adventures that take you near and far? Here are some tips for keeping your car clean in between summer adventures.

Tips for Keeping Your Car Clean In Between Summer Adventures {Giveaway}

Summer is here and our summer adventures are taking us near and far. We love a good road trip, but when you are spending hours in the car you end up creating quite a mess. The amount of crumbs and other unidentifiable objects I typically find wedged into and under the girls car seats is immeasurable. But it’s not only the inside that gets dirty, the outside of the car is dealing with all sorts of elements during our travels like bugs, rain, and sometimes even a splash or two of mud.

Headed out to see the Air Show in your city? Check out these tips on how to experience the Air Show like a pro so you won't be left in the dust!

How to Experience the Air Show Like a Pro {Giveaway}

Disclosure: Today’s story, How to Experience the Air Show Like a Pro, was sponsored by AT&T but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience. My family attended the Fort Lauderdale Air Show as guests of #ATTGoPhone.
After several years on hiatus from Fort Lauderdale, the Air Show returned this past weekend with lightning speed flyovers and rumbling roars overhead. Numerous jets and fighter planes, including performances by the U.S.

One Tough Mother – Honoring Tough Mother’s Everywhere! {Giveaway}

No one ever said Motherhood would be easy. If they did they were lying. Mothers are the most fearless and toughest of them all and I can bet you know a special woman in your life that has the distinct honor of being called One Tough Mother! My mother was definitely one tough mother, in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone tougher, but I bet many of you would say the same about a strong woman in your life.