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SUPPORi Baby Carrier Giveaway – Ends 6/22 (US)

Say goodbye to big bulky baby
carriers. They are a chore to carry around and can be quite
inconvenient. Slim and durable the SUPPORi baby carrier seems to be
the next big thing in baby wearing!
I love baby carriers. Front carriers, side carriers, back carriers, anything that can alleviate the need for a bulky stroller for a short outing. Summer is here and the weather gets into the 90’s and above which means a heavy thick carrier equals a hot fussy baby. Think about it.

Jade and the Tooth Fairy Book Tour and Review

Jade and the Tooth Fairy by Jacinta Zechariah
Genre: Children’s
Published: April 9, 2013
Book description:
A magical tale about a little girl called Jade who stays up to meet the Tooth Fairy and goes to fairyland with her. She is also in for a pleasant surprise when she finds out what happens to all the teeth the Tooth Fairy takes!
Have you ever wondered what happens to your baby teeth once the tooth fairy collects them? A fun and easy quick read
Learn more about Jacinta below….