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Baby Stars snumee Grows with You

Baby Stars snu:mee Lullabies Make Bedtime A Breeze

Every evening when the girls go to sleep we have a special routine – and if I miss a step they are quick to let me know. After they are all tucked into bed with their loveys, I turn on a lullaby – and have to leave my phone in their room until they fall asleep. Which depending on Em’s tiredness can take some time. I don’t mind, I can live without my phone, it’s just that sometimes I forget to put it on airplane mode and a call comes in and stops the music.

Carefree Retirement at Ocean Breeze Resort - 55+ Community

Carefree Retirement at Ocean Breeze Resort – 55+ Community

Disclosure: Thank you to CarefreeRV Resorts for sponsoring today’s post and giving my readers the opportunity to see how a carefree retirement at Ocean Breeze Resort is the perfect way to retire!

Last summer my family was invited to enjoy a Carefree vacation weekend getaway at Sun N’ Fun in Sarasota, Florida. As much fun as we had there, I was interested in learning more about Carefree’s retirement community for those over 55. While I am not there yet, it’s not too far away.

Are Online Classes A Good Choice For Me College Life

Are Online Classes A Good Choice For Me?

Online college courses are taking the academic world by storm. However, they’re not for everybody. In fact, taking seated classes is a completely different animal than taking online classes. There are many pros and cons to taking classes over the internet and some people just aren’t suited for the kind of commitment needed to excel at this type of learning.

3 Tips for Better Health

3 Tips for Better Health – Start Smart, Stay Active and Keep Fit!

This blog post was sponsored by Coca-Cola but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience in trying to achieve better health for myself and my family.
Many years ago before I had moved to Florida I used to visit a friend of mine that lived in Tampa. I would usually come down for about two weeks at a time and just enjoy the beautiful weather, the slower paced lifestyle and the ease of life in general.