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Make Breakfast Fun Again with Nesquik Chocolate Milk

Make Breakfast Fun Again with Nesquik Chocolate Milk

Today’s post is sponsored by Nestlé ®, but my family’s love for their Nesquik chocolate milk is all my own!
The girls drink milk every morning…and every night. That’s two cups a day, seven days a week – that’s A LOT of milk. Ensuring they are getting the right nutrition is my job. During the week breakfast time can be a bit rushed, which is why I enjoy the weekends. The weekends give us a lot more time and flexibility.

Yoplait Original Yogurt Smoothies And Frozen Bars Recipes #Giveaway

Thank you to Yoplait sponsoring today’s post and helping me to feed my children a yummy and delicious #SweetSummerSnack! All opinions are 100% my own.
One of the greatest seasons of the year is most definitely summer time. Fortunately for us living in Miami, it’s always summer time all year round! However, unlike when we lived in NYC, we don’t have the ice cream truck passing by constantly.

Berry Banana Smoothie Recipe

A refreshing summer drink is all I need to get my day started. Sitting out in the yard, reading a book, the sun is shining bright, the children are running around…Ahhh summer is almost here and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the outdoor weather with a delicious, and healthy, Mixed Berry Banana Smoothie! This easy smoothie recipe takes just minutes with almost no real effort involved. Grab your fruit, blender and get ready to relax with your feet up.

Watermelon Lemonade Recipe

Looking for a twist on a classic summer drink? How about added some watermelon to your lemonade for some extra flavor at your next picnic! This Watermelon Lemonade recipe is simple and easy to make. The recipe below will allow you to make one mason jar sized glass for you to enjoy in under three minutes. Or use the whole watermelon and more lemon juice or lemonade to easily make a pitcher of Watermelon Lemonade for the entire family to enjoy.