Budget Friendly Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Guide Under $20

Giving gifts during the holiday season doesn’t mean having to break your budget or skimping out. Impress the ones you love with something different this year, something they will remember forever, and can genuinely enjoy. I am working with Hickory Farms this holiday season and have come across products from their line that I know I would love to give or receive, and think you would too! These Hickory Farms holiday gifts are the perfect mix of love and sincerity, without breaking the bank this holiday season.

Mama's Mission Budget Friendly Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Guide Under $20

Budget Friendly Hickory Farms Holiday Gift Guide Under $20

Hickory Farms Beef Sample Box1. Hickory Farms Beef Hickory Sampler Gift Box – $16

Start a new special tradition with your neighbors and friends! The Hickory Farms Beef Hickory Samples gift box is the perfect way to introduce the Hickory Farms tradition to new friends. The Signature Beef Summer Sausage is 100% premium North American beef with taste of hickory smoke, a hint of mustard seed and a dash of pepper, pairing perfectly with the Smoked Cheddar Blend. Serve it with the Golden Toasted Crackers for a bit of crunch. This Hickory Farms holiday gift is a tradition must have!

2. Hickory Farms Farmstand Fruit Spreads – $20 Farmstand Fruit Spreads

Who doesn’t love a delicious fruit spread at breakfast or tea time? The Hickory Farms Farmstand Fruit Spreads are something I have been dying to try. These gluten-free real fruit blends come in six sweet and scrumptious flavors including Cherry, Apricot, Red Raspberry, Wild Blueberry, Strawberry and Blackberry Fruit Spreads. Top your morning toast, or serve with crackers and cream cheese alongside some tea.

Hickory Farms Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler3. Hickory Farms Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler – $20

Nut lovers will be thoroughly pleased with the selection of fresh nuts in the Hickory Farms Sweet & Salty Nut Sampler! Whether hosting friends or on the go, this snack is sure to please. The sampler has something to satisfy every kind of craving. Honey roasted peanuts are always a favorite in my house, but milk chocolate covered peanuts or butter toffee flavored peanuts are a close second. Along with the cranberry & sesame nut mix, and traditional favorites such as the roasted salted whole cashews and a traditional nut mix, there is something for everyone.

4. Hickory Farms Signature Chocolates – $20Hickory Farms Signature Chocolates Hickory Farm Holiday Gift

Nothing says I love you like chocolate. But not just any chocolate will do. Fine chocolate is like a good aged wine, only the best ingredients can be used to produce an incredible product. Using the finest ingredients paired with premium milk or dark chocolate, each decadent piece in this exclusive Hickory Farms Signature Chocolates 1 lb. holiday gift box is handcrafted to ensure superior taste and quality. Hickory Farms signature flavors include Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Almond Butter Toffee, Raspberry Sorbet Heart, Espresso Coffee Cream and eight other rich and creamy or crunchy nut varieties for you and your loved ones to enjoy. You can never go wrong when choosing Hickory Farms holiday gifts of chocolate.

Hickory Farms Ceylon Tea Collection5. Hickory Farms Ceylon Tea Collection – $15

Taking time out of our busy schedule for a cup of tea with friends and family is important, not only for our relationships, but for our health. With winter upon us, a hot cup of tea is just what the doctor ordered! The Hickory Farms Ceylon Tea Collection comes with 12 different varieties for those that need a bold flavor like Earl Grey, or prefer a more robust taste like a traditional English Breakfast, to those that enjoy a more delicate flavor – Asian Green and Jasmine blends, tea lovers will enjoy sampling these gluten-free teas any time of the day.

Which of these products from the budget friendly Hickory Farms holiday gift guide would you like to give or receive? Make this holiday season a Hickory Farms Holiday!

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  • I’d like to receive the signature chocolates. They look really good!

  • I’ve always loved their cheese logs & balls. I usually wait until after the holiday to get them half off. We only have a small kiosk at our local mall that sells Hickory Farms; years ago they used to have a bigger space & sell more.

  • hehehe i have an idea now what will i gift to my friends this holidays!

  • my grandmother always used to give each of us a gift basket from hickory farms for the holidays. great memories


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