Bobee Diaper and Wipes Dispenser to the Rescue Review!!!!

What is a Bobee? It is a life changing diaper and wipes caddy that every new mom must have!


Did you know that moms change more than 2,000 diapers a year? So what is a new mom to do to make her life easier? Invent a product that makes her life simpler!!!!

I was thrilled when Bobee asked me to review their Diaper Caddy. We don’t have enough space in our home for a big clunky changing table so I was hopeful that this organizer would be the perfect solution to have everything we need for changing time handy. I haven’t been let down!

From the latest Bobee Press Release: Diapers, wipes, pee, powder, poo, clothes, cream, pail and baby. The circus juggling act of changing a baby happens as often as 8 times a day for up to 10 minutes at a time. No Mom will argue that she easily spends over an hour a day changing and re-changing diapers. Mastering this skill is a must for any Mom, new or seasoned. It takes tremendous time and patience to get the motions down and about the time you do, junior learns to roll over and the dance begins again! One Mom of two from Colorado, found herself fed up with it after only a few weeks.

The Bobee was soon born!


The Bobee is a Diaper Stacker/Caddy and Wipes Dispenser that keeps the two most crucial items needed when changing your baby’s diaper in convenient place. So easy to use you only need one hand, so you can always have your other hand holding your baby securely (always make sure to use the safety belt on your diaper changing table).


The Bobee arrives with a mounting plate, dispenser cover, drywall screws, anchors, mounting instructions and stickers in a variety of colors so you can personalize and design it to fit the theme of your child’s room. You can even use your own stickers or paint your Bobee for added personalization. The Bobee is so simple to install, even my husband was able to do it in about 10 minutes (if you know my husband I am being extremely generous here!).


From Newborn to Pull-ups to Cloth Diapers, this diaper caddy will last through potty training time! Smaller diapers, Newborn to some size 1/2’s should be inserted head in utilizing both sides to stack the diapers. Larger diapers, size 3 and up should be placed sideways. The Bobee will hold about 50+ diapers depending on the size. Currently we are using size 4 and it holds about 25+ diapers (even the bigger overnight ones).


It is recommended to use diaper refill packs for the wipes dispenser area. Some refill packages come with a snap top that you can pop right off. Ours don’t and I simply cut a small slit at the top center of the package and turned it upside down. For more ideas on what kind of wipes to use or to make your own refillable packaging, check out their Pinterest page.


My dear hubby worried about the wipes drying out. To prevent that from happening I simply tuck the excess of the next wipe gently back up and have not had any issues.

The Bobee really came to the rescue in my house where diapers and wipes were always in one corner or another.

They were never where we needed them.

  • One hand simplicity. Grab a Wet Wipe or a Diaper with one hand. Always have one hand available to comfort and secure your Baby.
  • Stylish & Smart. You can customize the white Bobee to match your Baby Nursery! Paint, stencil or use the included removable decals. Five colors included to mix and match – or use your own Stickers!
  • Wall mounted. Holds all disposable Diaper sizes and prepackaged wipes.
  • Safe & non-toxic. Both Diaper dispenser and decals are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free. Made in the USA.
  • Perfect Baby Shower gift. A uniquely thoughtful Baby Gift that will really get used. Mom-Invented. Mom-Approved.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions click here.

Click here to order a Bobee for a new mom today. Bobee’s are great for Baby Shower Gifts and even Welcome Home Baby gifts. Anything that makes a mom’s life easier is Mama’s Mission approved! Visit the Bobee Website (use code MAMA for FREE SHIPPING), Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

Check out how the Bobee works by watching this video

Disclosure: Mama’s Mission received a Bobee to facilitate a review and post my honest opinion. All views and opinions of the product and/or company are that of my own and may differ from yours. My review has not be influenced or edited by the sponsor before posting.

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