Ben’s Garden Desk Set Stationary Notepads & Decoupage #Review

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As a mom I have so much going on, sometimes it feels like my head won’t stop spinning. I am always forgetting something, ALWAYS. I always try to remind myself to write things down, but I forget to prepare a note pad in order to do so.

So I try to use my phone to keep track of things from time to time, but often I forget to set an alarm for it. Then I forget to check it. It’s called mommy brain, pregnancy and post birth, complete and total loss of functioning brain memory. It doesn’t only happen with old age. That is why I totally fell in love with the “I’m afraid my train of thought has left the station” notepad from Ben’s Garden.

Ben's Garden Desk Set Giveaway

Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to me. I have been so scatter brained the last couple of years, and I blame it all on my pregnancies and post pregnancy mommy brain. Imagine getting a wonderful idea into your head, and then poof, just like that it disappears. Yeah, that’s me. Luckily I will be on my way to remembering because this notepad is now permanently laying on my entryway table.

I also received a notepad with a very awesome reminder to have fun in life with a quote from Katherine Hepburn, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”. I’ll be using this notepad to jot all the fun events for my family and I to attend.

The notepads are perfectly sized to write down anything your thinking of, whether is be a shopping list, a poem, an idea or a love note to your significant other. It is made of quality paper and the printing is neatly arranged. This is definitely quality stationary, and perfect to be given as a gift.

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Sitting next to those two fun notepads is a beautiful Decoupage paperweight from Ben’s Garden as well. It’s inscribed with a quote from Dr. Seuss, “Be Who You Are And Say What You Feel, Because Those Who Mind, Don’t Matter & Those Who Matter, Don’t Mind”. Yes, very much so!! Words I definitely live by daily. Just like the tattoo on my wrist “Carpe Diem”, which means to seize the day.

The paperweight is beautifully cut and lined. I never saw a real purpose in paperweights until we installed ceiling fans in the house. I can be sure that my notes won’t be flying off anytime soon and can leave them out where I can see them.

You won’t find quality items like this at your neighborhood store. In fact, I’ve never seem a paperweight this beautiful before, nor the unique notepads. A set like this belongs on every housewarming gift list.

I thought about giving the set to J-bird to take to college, but I love it too much to part. So I guess I will have to buy him his own set.

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I am impressed with all the cute stuff that Ben’s Garden has. You can find cute gifts like this and many more. They have something for everyone on your gift list.

Searching for a Graduation Present?

It’s that time of year for youth to take a step into adulthood when they graduate High School and move off to College. Ben’s Garden offers a wide selection of graduation gifts for the student. And if your child is graduating from Kindergarten, Grade School, etc., Ben’s Garden also carries gifts for their teacher too!

Ben's Garden Review and Giveaway

The Story of Ben’s Garden

It all started back in 1992, when Ben Busko was just 8 years old, selling découpage inspired by his garden. Armed with a paint brush, Ben developed his design sensibility and technique piece by piece; using imagery, a colorful palette and, words in entirely new ways; and BEN’S GARDEN was born.

Ben’s charming designs are individually handcrafted using traditional artisan techniques honored for centuries, exclusively & entirely by hand in New York City. His decoupage pieces are all signed by Ben. What began as Ben’s passion for sharing his colorful and thoughtful world transformed into opportunities for his customers. To share a bit about themselves, Surround themselves with things they love, share a bit wit and an appreciation for fashion. Each piece tells a story. His special handmade pieces mean something to the person who buys them and it tells their own story. It all wonderfully results in turning a house into a home!

Today you can discover Ben’s refreshing & Captivating collection of unique home, garden, gift and charm in our celebrated Ben’s Garden shops in New York. A very select group of exclusive and well curated boutiques across the United States, Internationally in every time zone and every continent.

Ben Busko has demonstrated his decoupage technique to Martha Stewart on her Television show. Had his design selected as an Oprah “ O –List Must Have” product, and his designs have been featured in a several prominent periodicals including House Beautiful, In Style and Architectural Digest.

You can reach Ben’s Garden at or calling 1-888-922-7646.

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