Banish the Angel Curls Tangle: Hair Brushing with Ease

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Once their hair started to grow out just enough, all of my very straight-haired babies were blessed with sweet angel curls. A friend recently remarked on how Preemie had some major Farrah Fawcett waves going on! See the things about angel curls is that I have a love hate relationship with them. They are absolutely beautiful, but a nightmare when they tangle! Trying to get a brush through a bunch of tangled angel curls without breaking the hair, or sometimes the brush, is near impossible. Sadly I have never used detangler before on Em. Mostly because I would only remember that I had, ONCE AGAIN, forgotten to purchase it during one of our daily hair brushing battles.

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Em has really thin straight hair, except at the very bottom where she rocks the most beautiful angel curls I have ever encountered – and the worst tangle struggle. While many children by the age of three have already undergone their first haircut, I simply cannot bring myself to taking away those beautiful curls that love to tangle. As you might have heard, once these are gone, they are gone for good!

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Johnson’s® sent us their new line of NO MORE TANGLES® products. Wanting to slowly bring on her on board I set out to see how well the detangler worked using ordinary shampoo and conditioner. After Em’s bath I told showed her the bottle of the Johnson’s® NO MORE TANGLES® detangler spray and told her that this was going to help make her hair “un-knotty” and tangle free. She wasn’t convinced – partly due to trying special brushes before that haven’t worked.

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Applying the spray to the tangled hair I started working my way from the bottom up while brushing. I hadn’t thought to spray at the top of her head, which she quickly insisted on me doing when the brush started pulling on her hair. Pro tip: Even if you don’t see a tangle, there probably is one lurking underneath – its best to start from the bottom and work your way up.

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And so the “Magic Spray” had won her over now. At least on wet hair. The next morning, FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!, I challenged her to allow me to try it on her dry, morning bed head, hair. Oh the tangles this girl weaves overnight while she sleeps. Which isn’t nearly as bad as a day of skipped hair brushing – that alone requires at least two cups of coffee first.

Johnson's No More Tangles

Banish the Angel Curls Tangle!

I am proud to announce that we have now officially and forever banished the angel curls tangle! And made first day back to school pigtails an everyday easy morning routine, instead of a hair brushing adventure that used to involve several laps of me chasing an unwilling toddler around the house. Em now specifically asks for the “Magic Spray” so that we can do her hair in the mornings. I am so relieved that I can spend a few extra minutes just hanging out with her instead of battling her. Goodbye tangles, hello good hair day…and beautiful angel curls – that we will keep for as long as possible! My next challenge, learning how to french braid her hair. Thanks to Johnson’s® NO MORE TANGLES® now we can have fun with the kids’ style and avoid getting tangled up in the knots and challenges of managing it. We are now a tangle free household!

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What are your tips for helping your toddler start of the day with a good hair day? Get social with me by sharing pictures of your kids style using the official hashtag #TangleTalk!

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  • I love the face she makes when she looks at herself in the mirror. I had never heard of the term Angel Curls before, its so sweet sounding. Oh even when I was a young girl my mother used a detangled with me and with my nieces as well. I think she used with them Suave brand one. Or was that the hairspray? All know is that its a blue bottle with cute animals on them.

    But Johnson and Johnson has always been known to be great for children’s and babies. We must try this new line especially the detangled.


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