7 Fun and Easy Backyard Party Hosting Ideas

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With the weather starting to get warm again, now is a great time for backyard parties and cookouts. We have a few spring birthdays in our house, and since we also live in Miami, we try to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible when it comes to having a get together or party. There are so many wonderful ways you can make a backyard party special for you and your friends or family. If you’re hosting an upcoming event, here are some backyard party hosting ideas to get you started.

Looking to throw a party this spring or summer once the weather gets warm? These 7 backyard party hosting ideas will make your party the talk of the town!

7 Fun and Easy Backyard Party Hosting Ideas

Decorate the table – You can set up a table and then decorate it with things you already have at home, or simple things you get from a dollar store. You can decorate according to the occasion – birthday party, holiday, etc. We also keep a canopy tent on hand in case any clouds roll in to keep our tables from getting wet before the guests arrive. Tents, along with tables and chairs can always be rented from a party supply store if you don’t have the space to store them for future parties.

Make it a theme – Set a theme for your party and invite your guests to get in on the fun. Disco? 80’s? Famous couples? Dress up party? Dance party? There are so many fun and wonderful ideas. You’ll show your own creativity and bring out that of your guests. You’re never too old for a great themed party.

Beach bash – Take this time to decorate your backyard like a day at the beach, no matter how far away from the surf and sand you are. Blow up beach balls, sand pits, lounging chairs and more will give your guests a fun day in the sun, while partying in your backyard.

Plan fun adult games – You’re never too old for silly fun. There are many adult games you can do in the backyard and it will be great to bring out the kid again in all of your guests. You can have horse shoes, croquet, bean bag toss, footballs, and other fun games to get your guests moving in your backyard.

Bug blasters – Set up a sunscreen and bug blaster station so your guests can keep comfortable while enjoying your party. You can use buckets, baskets or other trays or bins to set up spray on sunscreens and bug sprays. If your guests forgot to apply their own, you’ll have them covered and no one will have to leave early because they’re getting uncomfortable.

Set up a burger bar – What goes better with a backyard party than some home-grilled burgers? Your guests can make them just how they love them if you set up a burger bar with all the toppings and fixings they could want available. All they need to do is grab their patty and bun and work their way through the bar. It’s easy and delicious.

Set up a beverage bar – With fun games in play and great food on the table, the only thing missing is an ice-cold refreshing beverage. Everyone has different tastes, which makes the Keurig Kold perfect for your next party. With the Keurig Kold your guests will be able to make their own drinks using their favorite Coca Cola branded beverages, still or sparkling water and other beverage choices – chilled to perfection. 

Looking to throw a party this spring or summer once the weather gets warm? These 7 backyard party hosting ideas will make your party the talk of the town!

Now that you have these ideas for hosting a backyard party, you’re ready to get the fun going. Whether it’s a small gathering of just a few friends and family or a big get-together, you can host a party they will be talking about for months. Which fun backyard party hosting ideas do you use when celebrating?

Ready to throw your best backyard party ever?

Try this fun game suggestion: During my most recent backyard party, my guests played “Where did my drink come from?”. We put the Keurig Kold machine to the test at our party. I purchased Coca-Cola beverages at the store, and also used the Keurig Kold Coca-Cola branded pods to make beverages. It was like a taste test game. The results? For those that were able to taste a difference, they really enjoy the Keurig Kold beverages because it reminded them of fountain soda. They were also perfectly chilled and that made for the perfect thirst quenching beverage.

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  1. I love having a party or gathering in the back yard, often I do set up a place where poeple can get drinks and another for food and another for deserts, I usually have a game area one is usually for adults and one is usually for adults and children..

  2. I want one of these. I love coca cola. This would be great for a backyard BBQ or to use on a daily basis. You have some great tips here. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. I’ve never seen a Keurig Kold in person before, you’re lucky. I’d use it for cold coffee, though. Hosting parties is not my thing, but with practice, I could host a decent one in a few decades.