All Toddler Bedding Isn’t Created Equally

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When we moved into our new home, the girls were finally able to have a room of their own. Previously they had shared our bedroom with us, and with limited space we kept their furniture minimal.

We recently purchased a toddler, against my wishes for several reasons. The first, Em still hadn’t attempted to climb out of her crib which made bedtime easier. The second is related to the first and makes nap time near impossible. The third and last is more selfish on my part in not wanting to let her grow up too fast.

Now Preemie is occupying her crib. It seemed silly to purchase a second crib at this point being that Preemie is almost a year old. Up until now she slept in a bassinet, the perks of being a Preemie.

So we picked out a really cute toddler bed, canopy and all, fit for a true princess. I ordered a sheet and comforter set to match her new bed. Once it all arrived, we assembled the bed, washed the bedding and put everything together. It looked pretty but something was bothering me and I couldn’t figure it out.

It wasn’t until I received a bedding set from Atelier Ëdele. As I pulled the bedding out of its rolled up sleeping bag type packaging, I instantly noticed how soft the material was. The bedding was washed, dried and placed on the new toddler bed. As a side note, make sure to read the product care directions on anything new. I failed in this department and had put the comforter in the dryer. It shrunk a bit, and then I realized that it should have been hung to dry.

Atelier Edele

Simple, yet elegant in design, the bedding is super soft and made of exceptionally soft 100% organic cotton. Atelier Ëdele collaborates with talented artists to produce their one of a kind unique artistic designs for babies and kids.

The Irene’s Rose crib bedding set came complete with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow and comforter. The sheets and pillow are white with mint polka dots. The comforter was designed to be thinner and is reversible with one side matching the mint dot sheets, the other side is a beautiful rose design and the blanket is larger than standard blanket sizes. The bedding is so soft, like really soft. I was ready to jump into bed with Em. I never had appreciated the difference between regular cotton bedding and 100% organic cotton bedding until now.

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The Roses illustration is designed by Irène Lumineau, a talented paint artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Irène’s Roses go very well with mint dots.

Atelier Ëdele has a commitment focused on three pillars:

Our respectful collaboration with artists; providing products that respect the environment, the craftmen, and the health of your children; and our philanthropic commitment.

The quality of the children’s bedding line from Atelier Ëdele far exceeded my expectations. The softness of the sheets and comforter are unmatched by other bedding we own and use. I’ve always tried to purchase jersey cotton sheets for their softness but they totally fail in comparison to this 100% organic cotton set. It seems that Atelier Ëdele has raised the bar for my next sheet purchase.

What kind of sheets do you use in your home? Have you noticed a difference in the way you sleep on different types of sheets?

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  • I would love to be able to buy organic bedding, but right now it’s not in our budget.

  • I have been lucky enough to find organic-cotton bedding at discounted prices, and I do notice a
    difference. As a chemically-sensitive person, I used to have to wash regular sheets, blankets, etc., at least 10 times before using them – because of the fumes from chemical-laden dyes and finishes – but, with the organic bedding, I don’t need to do that. I feel confident that I have a safer, healthier bedroom now!


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