A Mother’s Loving Touch Is So Much More!

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When Preemie was born, the NICU nurses repeatedly expressed to us how important touch was. Our touch would not only bring Preemie comfort, but it would help her thrive and grow. Who knew there was So Much More to it than just a nurturing show of affection. As a mama it is my job to always show my love to my children in different ways, ways that they can feel and sense. It is in those abrazos that they find comfort and love.

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And even though Preemie still hasn’t said any words, I can feel the love she feels through her risitas and smiles. Even at 18 months old, Preemie is still benefiting immensely in her development through touch. It soothes her, delights her and nurtures her developing mind. It stimulates her senses, and enriches her life.

Each morning after Em and Papa have left for the day and Preemie has finished her leche, we lay and cuddle together, just her and I. It’s our one on one time, and a morning ritual that she can count on everyday. It brightens my morning and gets her off to a good start. The bonding time we have together empowers us to have a beautiful day together, even when there are grey skies above.

In the evenings during bedtime Em, Preemie and I share storybook time. Another daily ritual that allows the girls to feel my love for them as we all cuddle into Em’s bed to read. As the girls start to wind down from their day and get sleepy, I like to run my finger up and down the bridge of their noses because it helps them fall asleep. When they aren’t feeling well and want to spend the day cuddling, I am there to provide them the comfort they need.

These everyday routines help them to get through their day and sleep better at night. And the like things that may have seemed like nothing, suddenly become a tradition, as was the case the first time I saw J-bird share a loving moment with his sisters. Eskimo kisses I once shared with J-bird, he now shares that with his little sisters. It’s something only they do and helps them to create a bond as siblings. 

Be sure to check out this video from Johnson’s Baby celebrating how important your touch really is:

Did you know?

– One of the important processes we were encouraged to do throughout our time in NICU with Preemie was Kangaroo Care – skin to skin contact, and not just me but Papa too

●By age three, 85% of a baby’s brain is developed, so it’s important to engage with your child from the first moments of his or her life. Simply holding your baby skin ­to ­skin – so his or her bare skin is touching yours – has important benefits. And bath time does, too. Think of bathing your child as so much more than getting them clean, the bath is an easy and often­ overlooked chance to encourage baby development.

– We are constantly swapping out bath toys to encourage stimulating play time which encompasses multiple sense.

● From touch to smell to playing with bubbles, the brain’s process for learning is enhanced when multiple senses are stimulated versus just using one. So in the bath, think about how touch and smell can work together.

– My mama used to massage J-bird all the time. I never understood the importance thinking that “what does a baby need a massage for?”, but it’s So Much More, it’s all in the touch.

● Research has revealed routine touch and massage by a parent or loving caregiver is critical to baby’s growth and development, communication and learning.

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Do you know about the Power of Smell and Touch? There is So Much More to it than meets the eye!

The Power of Smell and Touch So Much More

The above infographic is also available in Spanish here.

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