5 Money Saving Tips for Living the Princess Life at Disney World

Special experiences and perks at Disney World are so much fun and can really change the overall trip for any member of the family. For the Disney princess fan, being able to step into the world of fairy-tales and dreams is a once in a lifetime experience that only Disney can put together. Getting the full Disney treatment to start the princess life can be expensive though, and for any family on a budget it just might not be possible. At the end of the day, money is always going to play a factor in what can and cannot be arranged, but there are some tips and tricks to save money and still make the princess life possible for your little princess!

5 Money Saving Tips for Living the Princess Life at Disney World 2

5 Money Saving Tips for Living the Princess Life at Disney World

Enjoy a Private Dining Experience

A Disney princess dining experience is one of the most exciting activities you can do while at Disney. These dining experiences get you up close and personal with the princesses and treated like royalty. Many families on a budget skip this experience or make it the only activity they give their princess because of the high cost. Rather than take the entire family, give your princess her own private dining experience with just one family member while the rest of the family heads off to enjoy something else.

Princess Photo Shoot

Securing a Disney princess photo shoot is not impossible, but folks are paying a lot of money to ensure that their children get one because it truly is part of living the princess life. Keep money in your pocket and primp and prep for a princess photo shoot in your hotel room, before heading to the park. Do this with the intent of heading straight into the park for a special photo session. All of the princesses are available for photos with guests at designated spots throughout the park, some can even be booked ahead of time using the Fastpass+ options. Check park listings or ask guest services what time and location your favorite princesses will be at in the park throughout the day and get ready for this amazing experience.

Save on Costumes

Costuming and apparel related to your favorite Disney princess can break the budget when you purchase it in the parks. Instead, save TONS of cash and buy costumes before arriving at the parks, and then dress up when you get there. Many times you can stack savings and with enough time even buy something around Halloween for future trips to the parks. By taking advantage of after holiday sales, it will be less costly and possible to even purchase more than one princess costume, and/or get all the accessories and makeup for a single princess than buying just one outfit at the parks.

Opt for the Basics

Some experiences like the royal treatment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique are priceless and something that every little princess wants to go through at some point during their Disney stay. You can stay on budget with this activity too, if you plan ahead and check out all your options. The basic package offers the chance for kids to get the full Disney treatment and pampering, with the more expensive options for a bunch of add ons that you can do yourself. Purchase a costume and fun items ahead of time that you can just provide your princess with while you are at the park, as a SURPRISE! Keep that money you saved stored some other special treats like a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream bar that any girl living a princess life will enjoy!

Ride With the Princesses

Since you are already a small fortune to enter the park, considering the current prices of admission for Walt Disney World, use that to your advantage and create a princess themed itinerary through the parks. Many of the rides celebrate the princesses and their lives, and they do a great job of creating photo opportunity moments and chances to chat about princess trivia as you wait in line. Magic Kingdom and Epcot are perhaps the best parks to put together a princess themed day without having to spend anything extra. You are now ready to begin the makeover into the princess life!

How do you treat the kids to a princess life without going over budget?

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