5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Help You Declutter Your Life

This past Sunday was one of those rare days when we had nothing planned, no event to attend, no birthday party, nothing but free time. Which we spent in the house, cleaning! Spring is here! That means it’s time for some spring cleaning! After a long and dreary winter, you’re probably ready for a change. This makes spring the perfect time of year to go through your home and declutter the rooms in your house. Decluttering your home and your life brings a certain kind of peace into your soul, and it’s good for your health too. If you’re ready to clean up that clutter for springtime, follow these steps for organization success.

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It’s time to declutter your home and your life. It’s time to revitalize your soul, energy and home!

Find a Place for Everything

Or as my friend calls it, a home. She always saying everything must have a home, it cracks me up to no end. However, she is totally right. If you items have a “home” then you will always have a place for them. In order to declutter your home for springtime, go through your belongings and find a place for everything. If you have a ton of movies, organize them with a movie rack or place them inside your entertainment center and out of site. Books, knickknacks and other belongings should all have a specific place around the room. If needed, you can invest in some organization tools such as storage bins and even a storage ottoman. In the girls playroom we use two long bench/ottomans for storage.

Throw the Extras in a Box

Once you’ve found a place for everything, throw all of the extras in a box. This could be anything, such as magazines from years ago or knickknacks that just don’t fit with your current décor. No matter what it is, if it doesn’t have a specific place in the room, put it in that extra box. And speaking of boxes, check your closets for empty boxes you’ve been storing. We like to keep boxes for products for a little bit after we purchase an item just in case it has to be returned. Now is a good time to recycle all those unnecessary boxes.

Store It, Donate It or Trash It

After you’ve gone through all of the rooms in your home, take a look at the extras you’ve found. Most likely, you’ve added items that have hardly been used in years. If this is the case, it’s time to get rid of it. Start sorting through the box and separate the extras into three piles. One pile should be for items you’d like to keep and put in storage. The other two piles will be for items you’re ready to get rid of. Items that are in good condition and usable should be placed in a donate pile while items that are junk can simply be trashed. We like to take this time to go through the “extras” box together. We present our arguments for why a specific item should go into storage or be sold rather than be donated. Each of us gets to veto 2-3 items.

Host a Yard Sale

Spring cleaning is also a great time to unload that clutter and turn it into cash. Spring time is perfect for an outdoor event, the weather is beautiful and the timing for decluttering make this the best time for a yard sale. You can even turn this into a neighborhood event by passing out some flyers to your neighbors to encourage them to do the same. Nothing brings in more sales than a multi-yard sale!

Pack Away Winter Stuff

Now that the rooms in your home are organized and clutter free, it’s time to go through your closet. Start by pulling out all of your winter clothes. Since you won’t be using these items for quite a few months, you can pack them away to help make room in your closet. Having this extra space will make it easier to put away the clothes you are using, keeping your bedroom and your closet free from clutter. This is also a good time to get rid of any clothes you have worn in a while. With the exception of evening wear, take a good look at what is hanging in your closet. When is the last time you wore that shirt, or those pants? Purge away and feel good about it going to a shelter or other organization that will put it to good use.

Spring is the perfect time of year to declutter your home. What are your best decluttering tips?

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  • Yeah we found it way helpful to have a yard sale and then to give everything else we don’t sell to good will. We also utilize storage units to help minimize clutter. Thanks for sharing these really great organizing tips.


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