5 Layer Bean Dip Recipe Celebrating Día del Niño: Crafting Child Friendly Recipes

Twas the night before we were leaving for a road trip vacation. Child friendly snacks for a road trip are always a MUST! So off to the store I went to grab just a few snacks for the road, or so I thought. You see, what had happened was…I ended up with a craving for a 5 layer bean dip. But this bean dip was going to be something I was going to create as a child friendly recipe celebrating Día del Niño with Em who was off from school the next day. So I went on a hunt to look for a specific salsa made by a specific brand. I search the internet for stores that may carry it. I heard through the grapevine that this highly sought after salsa may take me on a wild goose chase…I was READY!

So there I was driving about 20 minutes away, past several local supermarkets that I just didn’t think would have THE SALSA. Arrived at the Target that promised to hold the golden ticket and let out a deep sign of relief when I saw it staring at me from the shelf as it was a must have item for my recipe! Did I mention that on my way home I had to stop at my local supermarket to pick something up and happened to walk down the ethnic aisle and as MY luck would have it, there it was, the HERDEZ Brand Salsa Casera screaming my name. Not screaming, just laughing at me…basically telling me that of course you can find the Herdez brand salsa at your local grocery store.


Why Herdez? They are all about traditions and family. In fact, they are encouraging and reminding families that Día del Niño aka Day of the Child is right around the corner. This is a celebration held on the 30th of April each year in Mexico and may Latin American countries. It is not uncommon to find celebrations throughout Hispanic communities in the United States these days, all of which started back in Mexico in 1925. Día del Niño is a special day reminding families to honor and appreciate their children. Parties are thrown, special events are held for children, and adults are reminded to remember the joys of childhood. Think of it as one big birthday party for all the kids and each one is celebrating that day with lots of delicious Mexican recipes and Hispanic recipes from childhood!

One of the most common ways Día del Niño is celebrated in Mexico is through fiestas in schools. Students have the day off from studying to enjoy a variety of special activities, and their parents are invited to attend. The day is highly anticipated and filled with excitement—including games, decorations, sports, storytelling, face painting, prizes, traditional Mexican food, treats and more. Adults commonly celebrate Día del Niño by telling stories, sharing their favorite childhood photos and making their own or their children’s favorite Mexican dishes.


Em is always clamoring for a seat at the kitchen counter or pining for the “ladder, the ladder mom”. She loves to “help” me make a mess in the kitchen. Between my work, her school, and the attention Preemie gets, time together with just her and I can be limited. But I fondly remember all the times I “helped” my mama make a mess in the kitchen, and those are very happy memories I still carry with me. Using ingredients Em already loves, and some shes not familiar with but should be trying as I encourage her to try everything, we got busy in the kitchen talking and scooping. One her of current favorite foods is avocado and guacamole.

Putting together a recipe that she can help me with is as simple as 5 easy steps!

We made a 5 Layer Bean Dip to take with us for the road trip, with flavors that everyone can enjoy. We started with a layer of refried beans – store-bought. Now normally I would have loved to have made my guacamole for the next layer, but time was of the essence and the avocados just weren’t ripe enough. So store-bought guacamole it was going to be. Next up was the Herdez Brand Salsa Casera, these come in many flavors as well as spice level, we used the Medium. We topped the Herdez Brand Salsa Casera with some sour cream, (heavily) sprinkled on some Mexican shredded cheese and added a few tablespoons of Herdez Brand Salsa Verde to give it some added color and flavor on top. And then….munch away! Even picky eaters like Em love the mash-up of flavors. Knowing that they helped you create it makes it that much tastier for them too.


Most of the time she does help, other times she digs into the ingredients while I prep.

Día del Niño Herdez Brand Salsa

Loading in the Herdez Salsa Casera by the BIG spoonful!

Día del Niño

Sprinkling just a dash of cheese, by the fistful…we love cheese, the more the merrier!


Sampling the final product!

Día del Niño Herdez Brand

Since we didn’t use the entire bottle of salsa, we had enough left for chips and salsa as a snack while we waiting for the 5 Layer Bean Dip to cool in the fridge.

So what do you need to complete this child friendly recipe in celebration of Día del NiñoChildren’s Day? Basic staples that you can find in your local grocery store:


-HERDEZ® Brand Salsa
-Sour Cream
-Refried Beans
-Shredded Cheese
-Tortilla Chips



5 Layer Bean Dip Recipe Mexican Children's Day

The HERDEZ® Brand cares about authenticity in both food as well as culture and tradition. In honor of the authentic holiday, Día Del Niño, the HERDEZ® Brand will celebrate the joy that children bring to our daily lives! We’ll recognize their favorite Mexican foods, create an avenue where caregivers showcase the love they feel for the children in their lives and one that invites adults to celebrate their inner child.

Herdez Brand #ThrowbackThursday weekly photo contest:

The Día del Niño promotion will run from April 6th to April 30th and you are welcome to upload your #TBT photo to be entered to win. Each week, three winners will be chosen to win a Día del Niño prize pack. One grand prize winner each week will win a socialmatic camera, film, HERDEZ product, HERDEZ apron and recipe cards. Two runner up winners each week will win a selfie stick, HERDEZ product, HERDEZ apron and recipe cards. All you have to do to enter is submit your favorite childhood photo tagged with #ThrowbackThursday directly on HERDEZ’s Facebook page.

Get social with the Herdez Brand and be sure to search out #DiaDelNino and #Herdez for more fun and interesting recipes!

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with the Herdez Brand. However, all opinions expressed are my own. I received compensation for creating this recipe using the Herdez brand specified product(s) mentioned above and sharing the contest information. Regardless, I only share products that I truly believe in and use for my family, that I feel will be a good fit for you the reader. The disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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