5 Effective Ways To Childproof Your Home

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With two young children in our home I have seen them master just about everything their little hearts have set out to do. When children see something they want they go for it, no questions asked.

One minute they’re playing in the lounge room, then next, you find them crawling into the kitchen pantry. Ah! Finding effective ways of childproofing your home may seem like a difficult task. And once implemented, it may seem like a challenging maze for other members of the household to get through. Nevertheless, it’s all about your child’s safety and creating a more appropriate home for your family. But where do you start? To unlock the keys to your childproofing dilemmas, below are some effective ways to ensure your child’s security and your peace of mind.

Basic Gadgets

Every parent needs a useful gadget to keep their child from potential warzones around the house. What’s one way to build this defense? Safety gates. Used commonly for stairs or rooms with potential hazards, implementing safety gates will make sure small children can’t access restricted areas and notifies them that this is strictly out of bounds. Do you want to double the protection? To prevent your child from exploring unsafe territory, putting doorknob covers on your entrance handles will make it difficult for them if they try to turn or squeeze their way in.

The Crawling Phase

The crawling phase for a baby can be a bittersweet moment for a parent. Bitter because you know need to create a safer environment, but sweet because it’s the start of their growth and independence. But to make their crawling adventures a happy, non-crying experience, you need to guard them from the sharp edges of furniture. They may not look glamorous, but putting plastic corner and edge bumpers for pieces such as your coffee table, will make for a safe crawling and walking experience.

The Kitchen and Bathroom

One of the more tricky rooms to childproof are the kitchen and bathroom. A place filled with cleaning products and electrical appliances, make sure to have child-safety locks in cabinets where these products are stored – especially if you don’t have a safety gate installed. For increased protection, store electrical appliances, rubbish and recyclables out of their reach and immediately dispose sharp materials.

What About Their Room?

Your child’s room is also place for learning and getting their creative juices flowing. Therefore, once they’re ready to have their own room, you must think about the type of furniture and fittings required to let them enjoy their activities. Handy Hint: It is inevitable that your child will bring in a few stains and dirt from outdoor events or an afternoon of painting, requiring the right flooring. In order for both of you to enjoy the idea of creating mess, you need a carpet that provides comfort, but is also easy to maintain. For more information and tips, visit the Stainmaster website.

Curtains and Blinds

They may seem perfectly harmless, but curtains and blinds can become dangerous if your child pulls into the window cords or gets caught in the hanging material. To prevent this, have cordless window coverings in main areas and keep their crib and toys away from these fittings. For blinds, you can adjust the pull cords or shorten them to keep out of their curious hands.

Do you have any other questions or tips when it comes to making your home childproof? Feel free to comment below.

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