The 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival is back for it's 30th year. Medieval since the 16th Century, be prepared to be delighted and amused with themed weekends, new performers, activities, and more!

2022 Florida Renaissance Festival Including New Themed Weekends, Performers, Activities, And More!

The 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival is back and includes NEW themed weekends, performers, activities, and more! Come as you are or in costume and celebrate The Florida Renaissance Festival now in its 30th season. Conveniently located in Deerfield Beach at Quiet Waters Park, the 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival has something for everyone, from young to old, witches to warlocks, shop, eat, play and more!

The 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival is back for it's 30th year. Medieval since the 16th Century, be prepared to be delighted and amused with new themed weekends, performers, activities, and more!

2022 Florida Renaissance Festival

All Lords and Ladies are cordially invited to step back in time during seven weekends of adventure at the annual Florida Renaissance Festival. New themed weekends, new entertainment acts and more await those who look fondly upon years (ahem, centuries) past. All are invited to the grandiose event taking place February 5th through March 20th, 2020 at Deerfield Beach’s Quiet Waters Park. Conveniently located to all in South Florida – pick your favorite themed weekend or pick them all!

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The iconic Florida Renaissance Festival will ring in its 30th season, once again offering an extraordinary SEVEN theme-filled weekends, as well as a fantastical journey back in time with a variety of fan favorite acts and performances. New this year – “Dragons, The Gathering,” Folk Band “Rota Temporis,” Music Duo “Lads on the Lash,” and Comedy Duo “The Brothers Blackquill.” Prepare for a greeting by jesters, jugglers, and jousting knights upon entering the gates, and sweet melodies can be heard from every corner of the kingdom. It’s a full day of entertainment where the entire family can marvel at fan favorite acts and performances that include immersive and interactive, real audience-participation scenarios. Join in on the fun with human powered rides, artisan craft shops and enough food & drink for a royal family feast!

The 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival is back for it's 30th year. Medieval since the 16th Century, be prepared to be delighted and amused with themed weekends, new performers, activities, and more!

2022 Florida Renaissance Festival themed weekends

PIRATES INVASION – A Swashbuckling Adventure! – February 5th and 6th

Calling all Pirates, Buccaneers and Scallywags! We invite you to come aboard and set sail for a rollicking good time at the edge of Quiet Waters Park. The port hosts the annual festival of music and merriment, and our Pirate crew welcomes you to a magnificent merchant marketplace showcasing wonderous wares from all corners of the known world. There’s diverse entertainment, and food and drink suitable for the Captain, the Commodore, his crew, and you to enjoy! Raise a tankard and cry “Land ho, here there be fun!” Arghh! 

Viking’s – A Warrior’s Weekend – February 12th and 13th

They came roaring through the icy mists of the far North in longboats and flame. World travelers, explorers and conquerors, these brave warriors and protectors established trade that introduced much of Europe to the goods and customs of far-off cultures. The Vikings are loyal friends yet fearsome foes, and they are here in our village this weekend to dominate the day! 

Steampunk Time Travelers’ – A Revolution of Invention – February 19th and 20th

The unexpected is never a surprise on Steampunk Weekend! Time and space converge at the crossroads of literature and technology in this clever and confusing weekend of wonder. We celebrate a past that never was and a future that might have been. All things are possible in the fertile fields of imagination and invention. It’s an adventure that spans the centuries!

Wonderful World of Wenches – A Beautiful Empowerment! – February 26th and 27th

For Wenches Weekend we honor and celebrate all the glorious goddesses in our lives. This weekend recognizes all the wonderful women who “get it done,” the council of caregivers who are wives, sisters, daughters, and mothers, as well as those magnificent and incomprehensible muses who inspire poetry, music, and art. It is with deep respect and heartfelt affection that all men of the village should bow to these beauties, to demonstrate their utter dependence and submission to those who inhabit hearts and inspire actions!

Heroes & Villains – A Cosplay Carnival! – March 5th and 6th

The warriors of light and the armies of darkness wander the village this weekend. Will chaos reign or will good fortune prevail? Are you a hero or a villain? It’s all about two sides of the same coin. Just remember, that without the darkness we would never notice the light. 

Highland Fling – A Celtic Celebration! – March 12th and 13th

Eat, drink and be merry as we revel in the mysteries and magnificence of the Celtic nations of Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany, and Wales recognizing rich traditions of music, dance, storytelling, and superstitions. On Saint Patty’s Day, everyone is Irish, so wear something green, grab a pint, kiss your best lad or lassie, and celebrate the heather-covered beauty of the Isles of the North!

Potter’s Magical Finale! – A Frolic of Faeries!March 19th and 20th

Harry Potter and friends, and the entire staff of Hogwarts, and all magical academies of higher learning, issue an invitation to angels, elves, fairies, ghosts, goblins, imps, nymphs, ogres, pixies, sirens, and zombies – along with the magicians, druids, sorcerers, students, wizards, and witches who summon them! A benevolent spell is cast to call forth a magical finale to our festival. The unseen world is all around us with the blessings of enchantment and empowerment. Whether you are a Gryffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, all are invited and welcomed to our magical village!

2022 Florida Renaissance Festival Acts & Performances include (and so many more):

NEW – Dragons, The Gathering

Dragons The Gathering, the largest touring display of robotic dragons in the world, invades South Florida this February. More than a dozen monstrous dragons from myths of many cultures – from Persian winged lions to Mexican feathered serpents – will be roaring, slithering, flapping and singing at the Fair. The dragons – up to 20 feet in length – are the creation of Dino Don, Inc., the world leader in robotic animal exhibitions.

NEW – From Europe – Rota Temporis

Medieval Folk Band from Italy! Rota Temporis, a pipe and drum ensemble of musicians providing an energetic, tribal show of sound and movement. The talented musicians from Europe are conducting a World Tour!

NEW – Lads on the Lash 

A new music duo performing on multiple stages with a combination of music from many different regions with a healthy dose of comedy. Join in the fun for Germanic sets in the Biergarten along with other live melodies around the festival from the duo. 

NEW – The Brothers Blackquill

This comedy duo will have you in stitches as you laugh at leisure and beware – expect to become involved in the duo’s comedic adventure as new and unique stories take shape that involve audience participation. 


Prepare for an adventure – Wolgemut performs historical music on original instruments such as the medieval bagpipes, shawms and bombastic drums as well as quiet instruments like the flute, medieval fiddle and harp. Playing at international festivals around the world, Wolgemut promises to leave everyone “in a good mood” which is the translation of his name!

FAN FAVORITE – DeBracy Productions – Joust

Witness a heart-pounding medieval live-action stunt show that combines trick riding, vaulting, chariot racing, death-defying stunts, full contact jousting and a gladiator style spectacle. Experience a spectacle where the winner takes all, princess, kingdom, and treasure, but at what price? 

While costumes are not necessary for admittance, thousands of people each year enhance their experience by donning garb from the Renaissance era or participate in one of the festival’s special themed weekends.

The 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival is back for it's 30th year. Medieval since the 16th Century, be prepared to be delighted and amused with themed weekends, new performers, activities, and more!
Duel at the Florida Renaissance Festival  – Photo credit: George Quiroga

Pricing is as follows: Adults $32, Children 6-11 $14, Children 5 and under are FREE. Season passes (these will get you special perks) of $150 for adults and $89 for children. Group tickets are also available at discounted rates. There is a $1.50/pp park entrance fee charged by Broward County Parks. Once inside parking is free; however, VIP (highly recommended, especially on busy days – which happens to be all the time!) front of the line parking is available for an extra $25. Senior Citizens age 65 and older and Military in uniform have the option to purchase discounted tickets at the gate box office with appropriate I.D. and credentials. Add a Pub Crawl (ages 21+) for just $38 more!

Gates to the 2022 Florida Renaissance Festival open every weekend starting February 5th at 10 AM until sundown through March 20th. You can learn more and purchase tickets your Ren Fest tickets by visiting the official website. Prefer to speak to a wench? Call them at 1-800-3-REN-FES.

Have you ever attended the Renaissance Festival? What did you like best about Renaissance Festivals? Do you have a favorite weekend you like to visit during?

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