2013 Thanksgiving Project! Apply For Assistance or Donate To Help

I just opened my email to find a weekly newsletter from one of my favorite bloggers and authors, Scary Mommy. She is hosting the 2013 Thanksgiving Project and has already raised over $58,000 and helped 1,164 families in just one week!

The Thanksgiving project is still accepting donations (for those that can help click here) and applications (for those that need assistance click here) through November 15th.

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Read on to learn about some of the families you can help.

Each family’s story is so touching and so deserving. Here are just a few…

As long as donations continue to come in, Scary Mommy will continue to match families. So, please, if you are able, donate. If you need help, apply, and either way please spread the word.

How to receive help:

The 2013 Thanksgiving Project is open to all moms struggling to celebrate this Thanksgiving. If you need help this year, please apply here. Please get your application in by November 15th.

Scary Mommy is all about honesty and no shame parenting and there is absolutely no shame in needing a hand this year. You are far from alone, and this community wants to help you. Let us.

And let’s all celebrate a happy Thanksgiving.

If you can help support this project, it needs your support. If you need assistance this year to put some food on your table for Thanksgiving, please do not feel ashamed to ask for help. It takes a village to raise a child, let us help you. You can always pay if forward when you can.

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