Spring is a beautiful time of the year, with the most gorgeous weather of any season. Here are 10 ways to celebrate Spring with your child and enjoy it!

10 Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Child

Spring is a time of rejuvenation and awakening. The trees and flowers are in bloom, color begins to return to the world around us. Being able to sit in the yard or on the porch with an ice-cold sweet tea in hand, basking in the perfect weather of Spring, is great mood enhancer. When it comes to enjoying sunshine and perfect weather with your children there are several ways you can make getting outside and even learning things a fun part of springtime. Try using these 10 easy ways to celebrate spring with your child.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, with the most gorgeous weather of any season. Here are 10 ways to celebrate Spring with your child and enjoy it!

10 Ways to Celebrate Spring with Your Child

Plant a Garden

Children are fascinated by the process of putting seeds in soil and watching them become plants. Whether you plant a full vegetable garden, a few herb pots or flowers in a flowerbed, involve your children. Starting a garden with your child can be a fun way to learn about food and plants.

Scavenger Hunt

Take a nature walk and have a scavenger hunt with your kids. Some things to look for include specific flowers or types of leaves, insects, and birds. You can also use some of these items to make crafts with when you get home.


Your child is probably used to hearing birds sing in the morning, but how often do they have a chance to stop and watch the birds? Do they know the difference between a cardinal and a robin? Teaching your child about different kinds of birds is easy when they can see them for themselves and a great way to celebrate spring with your child.

Park Time

There’s no better way to feel like a child yourself than to get out and play with your child. Head over to the playground and get active with them, create new games or teach them old favorites. You are never to old the slide or swings!

Visit a Farm

Springtime is when there are lots of baby animals at the farm. A visit to your local farm helps to support your community and small businesses, while giving your child the ability to learn about different animals while seeing and even petting the little critters.

Go Wading

If there’s a creek near your home or at the local park, slip on some flip-flops and take your kids wading. They can look for crawdads and minnows while you all soak up sunshine and fresh air. Always keep your eyes on children near water, no matter how shallow. This is a great time to teach them to skip rocks! 


If wading just isn’t challenging enough for you, you may want to introduce your kids to the joys of fishing. They will learn about patience and the joy of reeling in a fish. Depending on the fishing location, you can even enjoy a home-cooked meal using your catch. In our area, people come from all over to fish for dinner.


Teaching your kids to enjoy the outdoors is easy when it involves sleeping in a tent and cooking on a campfire. Making smores can be a lot of fun and children love the ooey gooey chocolatey concoctions.

Tree-house or Fort

Build a fort or tree-house with your children. You’ll make memories, teach them things and have a lasting reminder of your time together. By building together, your child will really appreciate the value and effort that it takes to put something together. Forts and tree-houses also encourage imaginative play. 

Give Back to the Community

Take an afternoon to help those less fortunate by volunteering. There are so many things that you can volunteer to do as a family that will make a huge difference. You can make and deliver sandwiches to the homeless, start a book collection, visit a nursing home, the possibilities are endless.

Every moment you spend with your child in any season is beneficial to them and to you. You get the chance to teach them about the wonders of nature, how to be good people and how to appreciate the things they have. As a parent you work hard and you provide for your child, but it is important to take the time to also be with your child, even if it’s just a few hours each weekend that you spend enjoying them. They grow up so fast, creating memories that will last a lifetime will stay with you forever.

What are some ways you celebrate spring with your child?

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  • my nieces and nephews are big animal lovers, so taking them to the zoo is a very fun activity we all enjoy together. also the park or beach where there are plenty of birds and fish to observe. I’ve probably learned more from them about animals than they have from me! LOL 😉

  • These are all the things that we love doing with the kids.

  • I am so looking forward to enjoying my spring with my grandchildren and family. Spring and fall are my favorite times of year. Thank you for the suggestions

  • What a perfect post for today. It was so sunny in Michigan finally! We just had snow the other day! I’m so happy it’s getting warm so my daughter and I can get back to walks to the park, water park, zoo, etc!

  • These are all great wasys to spend time outside with your littles! 🙂 We asre all super excited for warmer weather! We also like to blow and chase bubbles.

  • My son and I are working on a natural fort this year. We have a lot of wooded areas on our land and some of the bushes are as big as tress and reach the ground. We are cleaning out an area under 2 of them that are tall enough for my 12 year old to stand in. It is a good project that he is interested in to get him outside.

  • I look forward to gardening with my kids.

  • Soooo much fun!! Spring is FINALLY here and I love your list to celebrate it!! We do lots of hiking and playing at the park!! Can’t wait to go camping!

  • I love the scavenger hunt idea I use to love those when I was a kid.

  • I love teaching my daughter to garden. So happy it’s finally spring!

  • We like to bird watch or head on down to the park, we have several in our area. Also we will be going camping just as it starts to warm up a little bit more.

  • These are all wonderful ideas – and spring is my favorite time of year, especially when we can start visiting farms and see flowers or berry picking!


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