Top 10 Things Every College Freshman Needs

This in an exciting time of the year for recently graduated high school students. These recent grads are getting ready to embark on the next adventure in life…. College! If you, like myself, have a child getting ready to head off to embark on their first year of college, there are a few things they will need to make this year a success. Take a look at these ten things every college freshman needs. We have J-bird all set, some items we already have, others we will be purchasing during our trip to NYC to get him settled in. Either way, this is our top ten list and we hope you enjoy it.

#1 Laptop and/or Tablet

Let’s face it. Desktop computers aren’t that helpful in a college setting. Although it can be nice to have the extra storage, desktop computers are bulky and can’t be carried around. Instead, make sure you have a laptop or tablet. Laptops and tablets are easy to carry around, making them ideal for taking notes in class and doing some typing at a study group.

#2 Printer, Ink & Paper

Most colleges have computer labs where you can print off your papers, but having your own printer and accessories can be helpful. The computer lab could be on the opposite side of campus, making it difficult to print off a last-minute assignment before class or it could be closed at the most inopportune time.

#3 Keychain Flash Drive

Backing up all of your school papers and assignments on a USB flash drive is a smart idea. Computers tend to crash, usually right when an important term paper is due. By backing up all of your schoolwork on a keychain flash drive, you won’t lose any work in case of a computer emergency. You’ll also have all of your work handy for when you can squeeze in a few minutes of research in between classes.

#4 Comfortable Study Corner

Most dorm rooms come equipped with beds and desks. Although a desk is a great place to serve as “home base” when it comes to doing some schoolwork, it can be uncomfortable to sit there for hours at a time. Create a comfortable study corner with a beanbag chair, lounge chair or futon.

#5 Headphones

Dorm rooms can get pretty noisy. This can be distracting, especially when you’re trying to get some work done. Because of this, every college freshman needs to bring a pair of headphones. If the dorm noise is getting to you, you can plug-in your headphones and listen to some tunes to help you stay focused and distraction-free.

#6 Fan

You’ll need a fan for the same reason you need headphones. Dorms are noisy at all hours, including when you’re trying to catch some Z’s. Bring a fan with you to help block some of that noise for when you’re trying to sleep.

#7 Coffee Maker

Many young adults become hardcore coffee fanatics during college. Coffee is a great pick-me-up when you’re trying to get some work done late at night or when you have a super early class. Having a coffee maker in your dorm room is a great idea because you can brew yourself a cup when you need it. Keurigs and single serve coffee makers are ideal.

#8 Mini-fridge

Although you might have a great meal plan for your first year of college, it can be inconvenient to run to the cafeteria every time you’re hungry. A mini-fridge gives you a little freedom when it comes to meals. You can use one to keep soda and water bottles cool, as well as store some food for those quick snacks or meals.

#9 Storage Solutions

Any college student will tell you that dorm rooms lack storage space. Without proper storage space, your dorm room can feel messy and cluttered. Plan to bring some innovative storage solutions with you for your first year of college. This can include anything from under the bed storage to closet and desk organizers.

#10 Medicine & First Aid Kit

You’d be amazed at how many college students don’t have Band-Aids or Tylenol on hand. A medicine and first aid kit is a must for any new college student. These will come in handy the next time you have a headache from too little sleep or a paper cut from all of that homework.

College is an exciting time for students, but it’s important to be prepared. What are some things you think every college student needs?

10 things every college freshman needs

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