10 Minute Easy Guacamole Recipe


Ever wanted to make your own guacamole? I’m here to show you how easy it can be done and it only takes about 10 minutes total! The recipe below will serve at least 6 people. The pictures included in this post was a half serving of this recipe.


Shopping List:

Bag of Tortilla Chips
4 Avocado’s
1 Red Onion
1 Lemon
Kosher Salt


Cut your avocados in half the long way down. Twist to open. Carefully use a knife to jam lengthwise into the pit and turn to remove. Alternatively you can use a spoon to scoop it out. Use a spoon to scoop out the avocado from it’s skin and place in a large bowl.


Dice up the red onion into small pieces. Add to avocado already in the bowl. Save just enough to garnish the guacamole once you are done.


Apply some pressure while rolling your lemon back and forth on the counter a few times to release it’s juice. Cut the lemon in half and set aside one half. Carefully remove any seeds or use your hand to catch and seeds that fall while squeezing the lemon over the bowl. Squeeze out all of the juice of half a lemon.

Use a potato masher to mash the avocado. Taste your guacamole.


Add salt to taste. I use about a teaspoon of Kosher salt. Mix your guacamole to incorporate the salt properly. Taste your guacamole.

Keep in mind that most tortilla chips come salted so you don’t want to overdo the salt in your guacamole.


If serving immediately, place chips directly into the guacamole for a one bowl presentation.

For a small serving of just 2-3 people cut the ingredients down to half.

If you have any leftover guacamole, place the other half of the lemon from earlier into the bowl. Cover the bowl tightly with plastic wrap and store in the fridge.

Enjoy this quick, easy and healthy snack instead of popcorn during your next family movie night!

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