Get ready to be scared like never before! The Miami House of Horror Haunted Carnival has TWO BRAND NEW Haunted Houses open through November 3, 2018.

Miami House of Horror Haunted Carnival & Amusement Park 2021 Discounted Tickets

Looking for some spooky fun? The Miami House of Horror Haunted Carnival is a one of a kind haunted amusement park like you have never witnessed before. Be prepared to be scared, be VERY prepared to be VERY scared. Open now through October 31, 2021. You can watch scary movies any time of year, but it’s only during the Halloween season that you can live them.

What to Expect and Avoid During Disney World’s Busiest Days

Visiting Disney World during its peak seasons and busiest days requires that you travel with a lot of patience to get you through the extended wait times, overcrowded viewing areas and packed theaters that you are bound to run into. Many first time guests that visit Disney World during the parks busiest days of the year have no idea what to expect and avoid. They quickly become overwhelmed and shocked by the sheer number of people to deal with.