WipesWraps: Makeover Your Baby Wipes Style #Review & BOGO 1/2 Coupon!

WipesWraps: Makeover Your Baby Wipes Style #Review & BOGO 1/2 Coupon!

July 30, 2013 by Mama E - 69 Comments


The WipesWraps Giveaway is now live through September 16th! Enter to win one of four sets!ww6 You can imagine my excitement when I was given an opportunity to receive 3 WipesWrapsTM at no charge for my review purposes. I just had to make that ugly green wipes box disappear. It just doesn’t match any of the furniture in the house!

This isn’t the first time I was trying to cover up my ugly wipes container. Last time was extremely unsuccessful. I bid and won at an auction on a Facebook craft page for a custom-made wipes wrapping. One of the problems was that while it was custom-made with a fabric pattern of my choosing, it was glued on a pre-used wipes box! Dear hubby took one look at the package that had arrived and immediately said “We are not using that!”. In my humble opinion that wasn’t the worst of it (the box could always have been sanitized). What was you ask? Umm, lets see, how about the glue protruding from everywhere or maybe that the fabric was already coming off of the box. Major Fail! So much for that attempt at beautifying my box. I was unsure what WipesWrapsTM was going to do for me…..


WipesWrapsTM arrived stylishly in an eco-friendly package, making me even happier to see that the company is concerned not only with fashion but the environment as well. It comes in a really cute diaper cream tube type packaging. You can definitely re-use it packaging for small items like hair clips.

While the makers of WipesWrapsTM designed the product to work best with the Pampers brand tub, it can still be used on any wipes tub (may or may not fit as snug as seen in photos). WipesWrapsTM helps you take the “…earth-friendly and cost-conscious route…refill the “best fit” tub with your favorite wipes brand multi-pack!

Simple and easy to put on your wipes tub in as little as 5 steps outlined in the pictures below.

One of my immediate concerns was that the top was not closing properly. I took off the WipesWrapsTM and tried again. I went to the CleverRelish website and looked around until I came across their FAQ’s. I found the answer to my problem!

“What do I do if the lid pops open?

Sometimes, especially with new wipes containers and a brand-new WipesWrapsTM, things are a bit snug at first.  There are a few little tricks that can help:

  1. Store the container upside-down, closed, for the first night or two to “break in” the stretch of the cloth.
  2. Be sure that the plastic contacts of the latching mechanism on the container are able to connect.
  3. With the WipesWrapsTM on and the lid closed, hold the button of the wipes container and gently bend it upwards a bit.  (Good to do this in conjunction with trick #1!)

WipesWrapsTM and the good ol’ baby wipes tub sometimes need a few days to get used to their new “relationship”!”

We placed a WipesWrapsTM tub in our bathroom, bedroom and living room. No more ugly containers hanging around our house.  Instead we now get compliments and questions of curiosity about what that pretty box is! I know this will definitely be on my list of must haves for when I buy gifts for baby showers I attend. This will be a gift to be treasured by any new mom or mom to be!

I love supporting small businesses owned by moms like myself. WipesWrapsTM which is made by Clever Relish is one of these! Want to learn more about WipesWrapsTM ? Check out their website, Facebook Fan Page and follow them @WipesWraps and @CleverRelish on Twitter.

I just spoke with Jill, the mastermind behind the WipesWrapsTM , and she has graciously offered a BOGO 1/2 off discount just for you!!! Just enter MAMABOGOH during checkout and when you buy one WipesWrapsTM you get the second one half off! Many thanks Jill, I know our moms will appreciate this discount! Lots of moms need one for the nursery and one for the living room! Or you can give one as a gift.

Would you like to see a giveaway of this product? Let me know by leaving a comment below. I am working on a deal that would allow several of you wonderful readers to win 2 WipesWrapsTM each to decorate your home with!! Stay tuned!

Disclosure: Although I received 3 WipesWrapsTM at no charge for this review, do not for one moment believe a free product will ever change or bias my honest opinion! The company does not even get to see my review until it goes live. I always try to secure coupon codes and/or giveaways so that you can experience the product as well!