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Have you seen the new Kingsman The Golden Circle movie trailer? Check it out and get ready for the return of the Kingsman for your next date night!

Kingsman The Golden Circle Movie Trailer – Brains. Skills. Skipping Rope?

I don’t remember exactly what made me watch the first Kingsman movie, but it was became necessary to see it. Maybe it had to do with that one time I met Taron Egerton. Kingsman: The Secret Service, the first movie, was funny, captivating, and gory – definitely not kid friendly, but totally date night worthy. Maybe it’s my fascination with all things unknown, secret mysterious worlds and such. But it was definitely that good.

Are you ready to choose sides? Watch Marvel's New Captain America Civil War Trailer and decide if you are #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan!

Watch Marvel’s New Captain America Civil War Trailer!!!

About a year ago I first told you when production was just starting on Captain America Civil War – mostly because I was super excited to hear that Emily VanCamp would be reprising her role of Sharon Carter/Agent 13. I just watched the Marvel’s new Captain America Civil War trailer and I am super excited to see the movie when it comes out in theaters on May 6th.

Finding Dory Movie Trailer Now Available! Have You Seen Her?

Today is International Women’s Day and women all over the world are being celebrated and honored! Today, I would like to celebrate and honor women in film. One of those women just happens to be one of my faves, Ellen DeGeneres and she is simply hysterical in her unforgettable role of Dory in Disney Pixar’s newest film Finding Dory.

Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory Movie Teaser Trailer!

It’s been a long time coming but at long last Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory movie teaser trailer is here! The hysterically funny – and a personal favorite of mine – Ellen DeGeneres is back in her unforgettable  – see what I did there? – role of the very forgetful Dory. Finding Dory will be swimming into a theater near you on June 17, 2016.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Movie Trailer!

Fun Fact: I used to manage in a video store way back in the days. As a total movie buff I couldn’t wait for a new movie to hit the theaters. Nowadays I consider myself lucky when I can get to a movie theater instead of having to wait for a DVD release. However, that is all about to change BECAUSE Alice Through the Looking Glass movie!

I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, HUGE! Like I have an oil painting of the Queen of Heart hanging on my bedroom wall.