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Coconut Grove Pumpkin Patch Festival #Giveaway

It’s Pumpkin patch time!! Fall is finally here, the winds are softly blowing, the birds are singing and the weather is cooling down, at least a bit. No better time like the present to enjoy and bask in the glory of all things Pumpkin! J-bird’s fave….Pumpkin Pie.
He suddenly discovered it a few years ago and now EVERY Thanksgiving he specifically requests pumpkin pie for dessert.

Renaissance Festival Deerfield Beach

Florida Renaissance Festival Returns to Deerfield Beach For Its 23rd Year!!!

Only 16 more days until the jousting begins! The Florida Renaissance Festival is back for the 23rd year I am super excited to head back in time. There is fun for everyone from the wee little ones to the not so wee big ones. There will be music, story telling and a few new acts which are totally new this year. My absolute favorite show is the one put on by the duo better known as The Duelists.