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Leaving the world a better place for future generations is more important now than ever before. Learn how you can do your part with these 5 easy ways!

Leaving the World a Better Place for Future Generations

This is a sponsored post written for Clean Air Moms Action. All thoughts, suggestions and ideas in Leaving the World a Better Place for Future Generations are 100% my own.
Our children are our future and their future depends on us. Not just in the everyday sense – feed them, clothe them, etc., but in the things we do now, how we live and operate in our local communities and how we take care of our world.

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at origami then you've come to the right place. You will enjoy crafting these 20 fun and easy origami crafts!

20 Fun & Easy Origami Crafts for Everyone

Origami dates back date to way before our time and is often associated with Japanese culture. Ori meaning “folding”, and kami(gami) meaning “paper” and is an art form that has been taught from parent to child for many generations. As a kid I remember borrowing books from the library on Origami hoping I could learn this interesting craft. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how the art of origami these fun and easy origami crafts will be a perfect place to start.

Maybe you've heard of Discovery Cove, but never knew what it really was - Orlando's hidden treasure! Here are 5 reasons you need to see it for yourself.

Discovery Cove – 5 Reasons to Discover Orlando’s Hidden Treasure

Since my move to Miami from New York City 10 years ago I’ve done quite a bit of traveling all around Florida, from the North to the South to the West and of course all up and down the East coast. We’ve been to Tampa and visited Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, to Orlando for various attractions, including Sea World and Aquatica. It’s easy to say we’ve visited all  the exciting and amazing attractions all over Florida.