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In our home Poochi is part of the family. He isn’t just our dog, he’s one of us. There are days where I feel like I am raising three babies under four years old. Although he just turned three years old recently, Poochi is still very much his puppy self. He loves to play, cuddle and still chews on all the girls plastic toys. I feel that the food we feed him is crucial to keeping him feeling young and healthy.

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I find it so funny that Poochi loves to sit in Em’s chair. I guess the soft cushion fabric keeps him feeling comfy and warm. He seems to prefer her chair over his own soft, cushioned pet bed. But he’s a weirdo anyhow because he sometimes even sleeps under Em’s crib or our bed.

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Mama’s Mission
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Do you sometimes feel like you are chasing your own tail? You really love your pets, but lets admit, we definitely don’t like the destruction they can cause around the house. My pup loves to chew on everything and anything in site. Hubby can’t even leave his phone charger plugged in because Poochie tears through them each time.