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Happy 3rd Birthday Princess Emily!

Three years ago today you entered my world and changed my life. I had longed for a baby girl for so long and I couldn’t wait to meet you. Your name, comes partly from your grandmother, who you sadly never got to meet but will KNOW. I had always liked the name Emma, but your grandmother – and father, weren’t too fond of it – yes, I was picking names for you long before you arrived.

It’s My Birthday!!!! Will You Help Me Celebrate? #MamasBirthday

It’s My Birthday and I am still unsure what I will be doing, if anything today. Normally we have a traditional family dinner, but I am so swamped with work I don’t even know if I will be able to attend my dinner lol. For those that are extremely curious, I am celebrating my 35th, better known as the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday!
So have I accomplished any of my goals I set forth? Yes, many of them. I have completed my Masters degree. I am married.

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