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Teal Pumpkin Project from FARE: Giving Kids with Food Allergies a Chance to Enjoy Halloween!

If you have ever lived with someone who has food allergies then you know just how disheartening it can be when they’ve got to sit out simple things like eating cake. Papa has severe allergies to all kinds of foods, and even environmental allergens. Several people in his family, himself included, have nut allergies. We avoided giving the girls nuts for this reason, and had them both tested as soon as we could. 
Too many people take for granted just how serious a nut allergy can be.

2015 Fuel Your School Program Is Ready To Donate $500,000 For Education Projects

Chevron’s 2015 Fuel Your School Program Returns with up to $500,000 Available for Education Projects
Giving back starts in your own backyard. By helping your community and it’s children, you can see first hand how it all grows and flourishes. Our children are our future and without the proper tools, they will be unable to give back to future generations.
The 2015 Fuel Your School program, an innovative collaboration with DonorsChoose.