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Enter to win the $250 Disney Gift Card giveaway and treat yourself to something magical and fun! What would you buy with a $250 Disney gift card if you won?

Enter To Win The $250 Disney Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 5/8

Apologies for being a little late in sharing this magical giveaway, but I’m currently sailing the high seas. I stayed behind in the cabin for a few minutes so I could share this with you. Today happens to be Papa’s  birthday – so I wanted to be sure to give back to our family of readers with a $250 Disney Gift Card giveaway! Do we have any Disney fans in the house? We were just recently at Magic Kingdom for Emily’s birthday and had a great time.

Summer is almost here - is your outdoor living space ready? Enter to win a Step2 Cooler and Ready Shed in the Ultimate Backyard Storage Collection giveaway!

Ultimate Backyard Storage Collection Giveaway – Step2 Cooler & Backyard Storage Shed Sweepstakes – Ends 4/16

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The work on our new home continues. I stopped by the other day to check on the progress and I can’t wait to move in. I’m hoping we’ll be in by summer, and the yard will need an overhaul. We don’t have a garage so we’ll need storage space, and an entertaining area.

It's time to increase understanding and acceptance of autism. Too many are struggling without the basic support they need. It's time to light it up blue!

It’s Time To Light It Up Blue To Increase Understanding And Acceptance Of Autism

Do you know someone affected by autism?I do and I’ve seen the struggles first hand. The struggles to get proper care, proper schooling, and even the struggle to be understood and accepted. Why am I supporting the cause? Because it’s important, because it affects people I know and love, because not enough is known yet. It’s highly likely that you know someone with autism too. With your help and support we can help increase understanding and acceptance of autism.