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BUNN Single Serve My Cafe MCU Giveaway – Ends 11/14 (US & CAN)

My Cafe
I love the idea that this works just like my Keurig but without the bulkiness and space taking in my already counter deficient kitchen. Actually, my Keurig is now located in my dining room for this specific reason. This would be great for smaller kitchens, small office spaces and even college dorm rooms.
My Café®, a new multi-use single cup machine that offers coffee and tea drinkers a fast yet high quality brewing experience at home.

Death by Lavender Giveaway – Ends 11/14 (US)

LETHAL: Only against odor, not you.
MOODY: She may need a timeout
SMUG: No other deodorant compares
DARING: Not afraid to be unconventional.
ORNERY: Insists on being organic, handmade, & vegan

Have you noticed that as you get older one application in the morning of deodorant simply doesn’t work the way it used to? Naturally I blamed the deodorant and switched brands…then I spoke to a friend who said “after 30 I just don’t smell as sweet”.

Buy My Turkey Giveaway – Ends 11/14 (US)

Welcome to the Buy My Turkey Giveaway hosted by Determined Momma & The Miracle Momma.
I love Thanksgiving!!! A few years ago we hosted a dinner for 20 people. Everything was cooked by yours truly from scratch on the day of! I know, its nuts but seeing everyone together and laughing was worth every excruciating pain in my feet the following day.

Bellini Baby Gift Basket Giveaway – Ends 11/15 (US)


Welcome to the Bellini Baby Gift Basket Giveaway
Hosted by Baby Costcutters has exclusive baby baskets you will not find anywhere else! These high-end gift baskets are crafted from the all time favorite gifts for your little one. Each handcrafted basket can be designed for a boy, girl, neutral or even multiples. Sure to be the perfect unique baby shower gift! The Bellini Baby Basket says congratulations in style.