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Enter to win the $200 J Crew Gift Card giveaway and treat yourself to a mini shopping spree! What would you buy with a $200 J Crew gift card if you won?

Enter To Win The $200 J Crew Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 7/7

The next couple of weeks is going to be so crazy! It’s conference season and we are also planning to move this summer – and I am running in circles. So…I to celebrate all the fun things to come for me I’m sharing this $200 J Crew gift card giveaway! So go ahead and enter to win so you can enjoy a mini shopping spree. I’ve joined a group of other bloggers to bring you this great $200 J Crew Gift Card giveaway so you can treat yourself to a new summer outfit or two.

Enter to win the $200 Target Gift Card giveaway and treat yourself to a fun shopping spree! What would you buy with a $200 Target gift card if you won?

Enter To Win The $200 Target Gift Card Giveaway – Ends 6/30

Target…It’s like a bulls-eye on women’s minds everywhere. When I venture into Target I usually stop into the Starbucks cafe for a latte and slowly start to make my way through the store. My first stop is usually the Dollar Spot – conveniently right across from the cafe. There’s no such thing as running in an out of Target. You can’t just walk into Target for just one thing – it’s impossible! Well, at least for me it is.

Thank you for being you and helping me grow. Enter the Amazon Echo giveaway for your chance to win one in your choice of color, Black or White!

Amazon Echo Giveaway – Black Or White – Winner’s Choice – Ends 6/25

Back by popular demand – The Amazon Echo Giveaway!!! You guys loved the last Amazon Echo giveaway so much – we couldn’t say no when it was requested ago. After all, its thanks to you, the readers, that help us grow. It’s been almost five years now since I started my blogging journey, and it’s been an adventure. Your support has been my lifeline and I thank you for enjoying reading what I have written.

Get on track with the Calroo Family Organizer App and be sure to join the Twitter Party 6/13 at 9pm EST to learn more about it! RSVP to win #Calroo

Calroo Family Organizer App Twitter Party 6/13 @ 9PM EST RSVP To Win!

Don’t you wish it was easier to manage life sometimes? As a parent, things can get pretty crazy when you’re juggling several calendars. Fortunately there’s a neat new family organizer app helping make family’s daily life EASIER! During this sponsored hour we will be chatting about the Calroo Family Organizer app and how you can use it make life easier. Plus, all participants that RSVP will have a chance to win some pretty AWESOME prizes.