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Do you know an amazing school nurse who goes beyond the call of duty? Nominate your favorite school nurse today in America's Greatest School Nurse contest.

Nominate Your Favorite School Nurse | America’s Greatest School Nurse Contest

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Guess what season it is??? Colds, stomach bugs, flu’s, etc., they are back and hitting with a vengeance.

I have something to tell you...BUT It Can Wait and here is why. I want you to arrive home safely, so take the pledge to put it down! #ItCanWait

I Have Something To Tell You BUT It Can Wait And Here Is Why

My friends and loved ones mean more to me than I can ever express in words. They’ve been there for me through my ups and my downs – they are my tribe and without them I’d be lost. I truly enjoy being in good company, which is why I’m always hosting a get together – sometimes it’s just us moms, other times it’s the entire family – everyone under my roof talking, laughing and eating. True Russian style.

Leaving the world a better place for future generations is more important now than ever before. Learn how you can do your part with these 5 easy ways!

Leaving the World a Better Place for Future Generations

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Our children are our future and their future depends on us. Not just in the everyday sense – feed them, clothe them, etc., but in the things we do now, how we live and operate in our local communities and how we take care of our world.

October is RSV Awareness Month & it's time to get educated on how to prevent RSV. Learn everything you need to know about RSV & protect those little lungs.

How to Prevent RSV and Everything You Need to Know About RSV

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Pregnancy #1 easy peasy. Pregnancy #2 easy peasy. So of course I naturally didn’t think anything of Pregnancy #3….until suddenly I was placed on hospital bed rest at 27 weeks. At 30 weeks and 2 days Anabelle arrived…a preemie, so tiny at 3lbs 13oz.

With the right facts you can help to protect your little ones lungs against RSV. October is RSV Awareness Month and I am sharing our RSV story with you.

Get the Facts to Protect Your Little Ones Lungs Against RSV

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Children, especially babies are prone to getting sick. Their bodies are just learning how to handle all kinds of germs floating around us. October is National RSV Awareness Month and the reason I wanted to spread the word on helping keep your children safe.