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Snacking Has Never Tasted So Tasty And Some Are #GlutenFree

Disclosure: I received the product samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.
Whenever we make sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs, we always serve them with a side of chips. Papa loves his regular potato chips, but I find them so plain and boring. I want action, I want flavor.
J-bird is more like me, we love some added flavor to our chips, and snacking in general. Sometimes a good kick of spice is called for, other times a bit of sweetness is yearned for.

The Adventures Of First Solids Feedings Of A Preemie

Disclosure: I received the following product to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own.
Preemie is now almost 8 months old, but still only 5 1/2 corrected age. With the go ahead from her gastro, We finally started introducing Preemie to solids.
I had bought some at the store during a recent shopping trip in the hopes that this day would come soon. I opted to start with a cross between veggies and fruits and went with sweet potato.
The consistency was super puréed with no texture.

Quick Tip: How To Reheat Pizza So It’s Crispy

Is there anything worse than soggy leftover pizza? Yes, having to preheat an oven, then wait an additional 15 or so minutes while it cooks so you can make it crispy.

If you’ve ever had leftover pizza, then you know the internal struggle between quick and soggy or long and crispy. How about having the best of both worlds?
I am going to teach you, the way my hubby taught me, how to re-heating pizza in a whole new light! No more microwave sogginess or long oven waits for crispiness.