child passenger safety week
Child safety is so important. Especially when it comes to having your precious cargo riding in your vehicle. An improperly installed car seat can cause serious injury to little kids. It is so important to have not only the seat installed properly, but the right seat for your child.Did you know that ...
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memorial hospital west
Do you have a teenager that babysits, wants to babysit or a babysitter you use that is a teenager ages 11-14? If so you should consider signing them up for a Babysitting Basics Class! It's definitely beneficial and they will learn key important things that will help them work with small children.Top ...
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With Pole Dancing lessons the newest craze and in high demand, I was surprised to learn just how many popular it really is!It's not just for people....Bears are getting in on it too!video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerVideo sourced from News Channel ...
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Top 10 Reasons Why College Is Cooler Than High School
If you've just started your college search, are in college or even finished years ago, most people will agree that your college years are the best ones of your life! No matter how much fun, or stress, you had in high school, the fun doesn't really begin until you begin the college life.1. In college ...
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Prior to attending the 2014 BlogHer conference, I was asked by Angel Soft if I wanted to partner with them for their #SheetHappens promotion. Besides being a totally AMAZING opportunity, the campaign was hysterical and I couldn't say no.During the conference Angel Soft had a bathroom set up in their ...
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